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Polity Notes For Airforce Y Group Exam 2023

Agniveer Airforce XY Group Discussion Topic For Phase 2 Exam 2022

Agniveer Airforce XY Group Discussion Topic For Phase 2 Exam 2022

Agniveer Airforce XY Group Discussion Topic For Phase 2 Exam 2022

Points To Be Keep in Mind

Practice Habbit Practice Reading loudly On Every topic.

Initiate the Discussion Most of us have a misconception that initiating the discussion would give you an advantage over others. It does give you an advantage but only if you know the subject well and have something relevant to start the discussion otherwise it is a disadvantage.

Speak Politely As you speak make sure that you do not speak at the top of your voice. You should be audible and clear.

Be Precised Abstain from using irrelevant information and data from your talks during a GD Speak precisely so that others also get a chance to put across their point of view.

Positive Body Language Your body language should not demonstrate dominance or low self confidence. Show your interest in the discussion through your gestures like bending forward a bit, nodding your head

During the GD the candidates are evaluated for the following traits:

Knowledge base.  

Alertness and presence of mind.




Listening Skills.

Team Skills.

Goal Orientation.

Women In Indian Armed Forces

• In 1888, women were recruited for the Indian Military Nursing Service. It was only in 1992, that women officers were inducted into non-medical roles in the armed forces, but only as short-service commission (SSC) officers.

• In 2008, the Centre granted a permanent commission to women officers only in the Legal and Education corps. After Supreme Court’s intervention in 2019, women can apply for Permanent Commission (PC) in Army.

• In 2021, with Supreme court intervention, girls were allowed to write the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance examination for the first time. As the gender barrier is lifted, 1,78,000 women have applied for the exam. By this, it is evident that now more women than ever are ready for the armed forces.

• Allowing women in combat roles has been a big debate not just in India but in the entire world. As of now, only a few countries allow women in combat roles. Slowly Indian Armed Forces are also opening up combat roles for women. IAF started inducting women as fighter pilots in 2016. The first batch of women as soldiers were inducted into the Corps of Military Police (CMP) in 2021.

• Slowly the situation is changing. But the share of the women workforce in the Indian armed forces is very low. As of February 2021, the share of the women workforce in the Indian Navy is 6.5%, in Army, it is 0.56%, and in Air Force, it is 1.08%.

• In the Indian National Army (INA), which was active from 1942 to 1945 under the leadership of Subhas Chandra Bose, there was an all-women regiment in India. It was one of the very few all-female combat regiments of the time.


With the help from Supreme court, women are now allowed in many roles in Indian Armed Forces, which were reserved for males earlier. But the share of the women workforce in the Indian armed forces is still very low.


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